REKT is a social media platform that works for all gamers, not just professional streamers.

Discover REKT is a bit like Reddit: everyone's clips get a chance to be seen by the community. This helps everyone get more views and lets good content from unknown gamers get discovered.
Weekly prizes Every clip is eligible to win #REKT of the Week. Top clips each week win prizes like Steam and Amazon gift cards. Got a sick clip? Upload and share for a chance to win big!
Video editing Our simple video editor lets you easily add GIFs, stickers, sounds, and music to your clips directly in your browser. Anyone can meme like a pro without expensive software.
Coming soon Lots more coming soon! We're building a loyalty program that rewards everyone for using the site and partering with top esports brands to bring you even bigger prizes!
Our Team We're all huge gamers. Our goal with REKT is to build something that we ourselves would use. You can find us posting on the site pretty regularly!
Dinomight Final Boss PUBG enthusiast and FIFA fanatic. Dinomight runs all the boring "business" stuff and our Discord channel .
Mr. Marley Pixel Wizard Loves riding around on his horse. Everything that you see on this website is Mr. Marley's work.
Man to Blame The Smart Guy Every team has a smart nerdy guy who does all the work. He's also the man to blame when anything breaks.
Do you "member" how to activate GoD mode in

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