About REKT

REKT is a place for all gamers to share their highlights, from crazy flickshots to epic fails. We have an easy to use video editor that loads right in your browser and give out weekly prizes to the top videos.

Video editing: Our easy to use browser based video editor lets you add stickers, sounds, and more to your gaming clips. Use it to trim down a longer clip to a short highlight or to turn that 1v5 ace into a spicy meme. With searchable GIPHY GIFs and a library of stickers, music, and sound effects, the power is yours!

Weekly prizes: Every week, the top 3 videos submitted (based on views and rating) win a prize. Just upload any clip and you’re automatically entered in that week’s contest! Every Wednesday the #REKT of the week is updated and the winner immortalized (for a week) on our front page.

REMIX: Troll your friends (or your favorite gamer) by remixing their videos. Look for the little DJ icon under a video.

Coming soon: We have big plans for REKT. We’re working with esports teams to make it easier for fans to interact with their favorite players. You’ll be able to remix top esports teams’ videos and win prizes for your submissions. We’re also working with brands to help them sell their products directly to the consumer. Translation… FREE gaming gear and discounts on stuff you already buy! It’s a win for everyone.


We like hearing from our fans. The best way to reach us is by joining our Discord (link). You can also reach us by email:

User feedback: feedback@rekt.gg

Business inquiries: admin@rekt.gg

Media: media@rekt.gg

Jobs: iwantajob@rekt.gg
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