Hi im Flopsi and welcome to Jackass
This video was #REKT of the week! Respect!
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Think you can do better? Re-mix this video! Published on 29 May 2017

ANOXIQ_Flopsi May-29-2017 01:48 haha ty :D my mate tells thats a bad idea but yeah i did it :D and i try to do this now everty i get a canche to do that xD

DinoMight May-29-2017 03:12 If you have more videos like this one, please post :) trying to get more PUBS posts

Mr.Marley May-29-2017 03:13 LOL :)

Pete Jun-05-2017 01:58 holy moly this is awesome

DinoMight Jun-08-2017 04:15 Congratulations on #REKT of the week ANOXIQ_Flopsi

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