15/14/14 vs Gold first #JustZvZThings
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Published on 10 Jun 2017 Really Steamrolled (hehehe) that Game. [Best Cheese]

DinoMight Jun-14-2017 11:36 The Thomas the Tank Engine theme song is becoming a really popular meme hahaha

NukeOfficial Jun-15-2017 03:54 I actually just recorded the piece of gameplay with OBS, downloaded the theme, and put them ontop of eachother. The added the two trollfaces with the REKT editor. Really not that hard :D

NukeOfficial Jun-15-2017 03:54 I guess you need a basic understanding for it to go really fast tho

DinoMight Jun-22-2017 08:38 Congrats dude, your video is officially #REKT of the week

NukeOfficial Jun-23-2017 06:45 Thanks!

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